The Plot Against Future Plans

by PigsAsPeople

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Our debut mini-album "The Plot Against Future Plans".

All proceeds from this album between now and 25/12/2014 will go to the NI Hospice in memory of Karen Nelson.

Thanks go to our friends and family for continuing to support and humour us into thinking this could be a day job, our friends in the music scene Bellos (RIP), More Than Conquerers, LaFaro, And So I Watch You From Afar, Mons Olympus, Kasper Rosa, Matua Trap, Empty Lungs, Droids, Astralnaut, The Last Generation, The Rupture Dogs, Axis Of, GO Wolf, Gascan Ruckus, Spittin' Teeth, The Emerald Armada, Team RKT, Bee Mick See, Stop All The Clocks and our previous tour buddies Owls In Antarctica and Imploding Stars. The wonderful promoters we've had the pleasure of working with, John Niblock, Gavin Taylor, Dee McAdams, Ryan McCormick and everyone else, Willy Woods and Peter Hunter for their continuing graphical contributions, The Thin Air for helping us get the point across, Will Murphy for doing music video for nothing, the mums, Sandy, Christine and Bevs for their support (and money) and Niall Doran for putting up with us for 5 days in a small room. Final thanks to everyone that's helped us become the band we are, we're eternally grateful and thank you so much.


released September 25, 2014

Produced & mixed by Niall Doran at Start Together Studios, Belfast
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Mastering, Cornwall, New York
Artwork & design by Peter "Frodo" Hunter of Nomadic Rituals
All songs written and performed by PigsAsPeople



all rights reserved


PigsAsPeople Belfast, UK

PigsAsPeople are a post-hardcore/noise rock 3 piece from Belfast. We like loud.

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Track Name: Rooks
Crows coming in a slow motion and in packs
I bow before the coming of the motionless
Low strung and armed with venom
We will be the last of the pack

Save yourself
You'll come in last come in last place
The solidarity of the smiling ones
Pull yourself together you're the chosen one
You're a Saint

How can gods be so convicting
Why does this always happen to me
Can't you see your the victim of poisoning
I'll be gone before dawn

A violent friendship is the cause of this
That cause should be hung by the throat
And told over and over and over
She will never be right she will be the Queen

You're a Saint
You're a lamb
I will take fire in my chest for this
Track Name: Bleeder
I'd like to start the questions
Did you see the look in her eyes
Was the timing right
Stop start life's hard
Now let's get down to the hard part
I'm not a piece of meat
Were her parents proud
Lord please help you
End the jury
Eyes like harbours
Deep but colder

Rat out the gods
Life is hard
Rat out the gods
Life is hard
Rat out the gods
Life is hard

Stop the bleeder

These things are always gonna give
These things are mental sedatives
These flowers, ruining the walls
As I cast over all the falls
These things are always gonna give
Track Name: Rashida
A distance, so natural
Like every other person
That's enough for any other man
15 years too late
Like every other system
A spark runs free on gasoline

This time will be enough



Just wanna be like you
Oh Rashida, so rightful, so true
Track Name: The Duke Of Flies
Lets think now
Am I really the worst it could be
Can this be right
When I find myself flat on the floor
Please don't kill me (please don't kill me)
I'm all that this country has
Tell my family
I'll die by my kingdoms flag
Why die a long death
They'll build statues of you
Please don't kill me
I'm all that this country has

Cancerous promise
Come out where I can see you
With a violent disease
Look out look out look out
While I'm sober I'll say
I am the duke of flies

Monarchy will rot away
As anarchy takes it's place
Peasants will rule this world
And honesty will prevail
Track Name: Dismemberments
For so long, I've been scared to be alone with dismemberments.
Bite down on the flesh and, make yourself so different
I like to think i've been deceive
With every role in my life
This never ending cloud of networks
Has been idle for years

Confusion over commitment

Liars in favour of themselves
I just wanna be
I just wanna wanna be heard
I don't wanna be absurd

Fitness is the root of evil
Ink dies skin
Leather coat nice hair

Your friends are always here
Like a disease
They have photos of you
Make yourself appear
Track Name: Foundling
I've been a ghost, for far too long
My nails stained with the emotions I've had
Lies upon lies upon dreams I love
That float into others it seems
I need to get back
On these decisions
Coffins are impatient
Our death is imminent

Lets go back
Lets go back
Lets go back
I'm sorry for being the one that accused you
I'll be good, I'll be kind, I'll be the foundling once again

Traces of opinions
Inside this mind of us
Like those around us
We will be stronger than them
Artists are among us now
And they will paint us wrong
Of illnesses that mark void

Lets go back
Lets go back
Lets go back
Salvation Illusion
All hatred shown as a black horse
Salvation illusion
I'll be the founding once again
Track Name: Those Hearts Have Rocks
A man without a catchers mit or decent social ediquite
A lovers tiff would drive him down
His eyes reeks of foul play
He burns himself into the ground

A knife into his bloated skin
To make sure he knows
That we care
Crying is an art to him
And art is a form of harm
We pray for you

This man is a forgotten soul
We made sure that he left it behind
And looked ahead to what is now
I was this man one day
But now I breath with different lungs
They are lost